Do You Need To Get Your Windshield Replaced?

In all honesty, if this is a question you've been pondering on, the likely answer is 'yes, yes you do, please get it replaced'. Not in every case, of course, but it's likely. But if this is a question you've been thinking about, your windshield is damaged, but you can still see through it, most likely. Right? If it's absolutely shattered, you should get it replaced, but you've likely already sussed that out. No, the questions start when there's damage, but not too much damage, and it's still usable, right?

So, is it that big a deal?

Yeah, it kind of is, honestly.

You may not be aware of this, many people aren't, but the windshield is part of the structure of your car. Modern cars are designed so that they take damage in certain ways. You've likely heard the term 'crumple zone' used, and understand that parts of the car are designed to be easily destroyed to protect other parts of the car, and other parts are designed to stand up. This is all in the goal of protecting you and your family inside the vehicle. The windshield is an important part of that design that protects you and your family. (What part it plays varies by year and manufacturer, but often they are part of the roof structure.)

Also, to be quite frank, just because you've gotten used to seeing through your windshield doesn't mean the cracks and chips aren't impeding your vision, you've just gotten used to things being the way you are. You may not be seeing things as well as you think.

But it's expensive!

Okay, yeah, it's a thing that costs money, and money is tight for a lot of people right now. You're absolutely right. However, it may not be as expensive as you think. First of all, while this varies from place to place, it'll probably run somewhere in the area of $350. A PlayStation 4 is more expensive. (And, also, a PS4 is not partially responsible for the structural integrity of your car.)

Now, it's possible that your window could be repaired rather than replaced, especially if the cracks and chips are smaller and aren't in the driver's direct line of sight. Anybody who offers windshield replacement services likely also does repairs, and repairing is generally quite a bit cheaper. The place that offers both of these services will be able to tell you which is the safest option for you and your family.

For further information, reach out to a local windshield replacement service.