Windshield Damaged? Avoid Making These 4 Mistakes

A cracked windshield is a very frustrating thing to deal with. Not only do you have the risk of getting a ticket for obstructed vision, but the problem only gets worse the longer it is ignored. Be sure to avoid doing any of these things before you get the glass repaired so the crack doesn't get worse in the meantime.

Mistake 1: Driving at High Speeds

You may be tempted to put off having the repair done until it is convenient, but extended driving on the highway for a long time can actually cause more damage. When driving at those speeds, bumps can cause much stronger vibrations that will cause even more damage to your windshield. If possible, take your car to a local auto shop as soon as possible. If the damage remains minimal, it could mean that you need windshield repair rather than windshield replacement.

Mistake 2: Not Thinking the Damage Is Serious

The problem with cracks in a windshield is that they will get bigger over time. You may think that small crack is nothing to be concerned about, but, before you know it, the crack will be spreading wider and wider. A small crack that would have been relatively cheap to fix will eventually cost you a lot more once it gets larger.

Get your car looked at by a local auto shop to find out exactly how much it will cost to fix damage early on. You may learn how cheap it is to fix a small amount of damage when it is in the early stages.

Mistake 3: Using Pressure to Test Your Windshield

When you see a crack in your windshield, your initial thought may be to put some pressure on the glass to see how serious the damage is. This is not a good idea because undue pressure will only make the damage worse.

Mistake 4: Not Patching the Crack

You may need to get to an auto shop to have the repair done, but you should take some steps to patch the crack to prevent it from getting worse. It helps to apply some clear tape to the crack. The tape will prevent water, which can freeze and expand in the winter and make the crack larger, from getting into the crack.

With these four things in mind, you can prevent causing any more damage to the crack that will lead to a more costly repair.