Did a Rock Chip Your Windshield? Here's What to Do until You Can Get It Fixed

If you were driving merrily down the road when a rock chipped your windshield, you might not be able to get it repaired right away. However, if you plan to keep using the car, you run the risk of allowing the chip to expand into a crack and create even more damage on the windshield glass. That's why it's important to use the pointers below to keep the chip under control until you're able to get it fixed.

Be Gentle When Closing Doors

Even with something as small as a rock chip or ding on the windshield, you need to be aware that vibrations can affect the glass. Slamming the car doors can create a vibration that goes across the glass and causes the ding to deepen. Be more gentle when closing the doors, especially the front driver and passenger doors, so that you don't disturb the chip in the glass.

Skip the Car Wash

If you're someone who enjoys putting your car through one of the commercial car washes in your area, what you need to know is that you'll have to skip those washes until you can get the rock chip repaired. The reason for that is that the scrubbing brushes that go across your windshield could aggravate and deepen the chip. You can always personally wash the car if you need to clean it up.

Try to Avoid Extremes in Temperature

It is also important that, until you are able to get the glass repaired, you do your best to ensure the temperature around the glass remains constant and the temperature inside the car and outside the car are as equal as they can be.

If, for instance, the weather is hot outside, do your best to keep the car in a covered area or shady spot so that the glass doesn't expand, which might cause the chip in the glass to deepen and become worse. Leave the side windows cracked.

With those tips, you should be able to keep the chip from deepening into a crack that could cause significant damage to your windshield. To get the chip repaired as quickly as possible, you might consider getting in touch with a mobile windshield repair service like Buy-Rite Auto Glass. They can meet you at a location of your choosing and do the rock chip repair on the spot so you no longer have to worry about your windshield.